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Finding Rori – page 1

Just to let you know - the inspiration is complex - I wanted to come up with a hand device that has to show up a 3 dimensional map of the surroundings , but my mind was blocked by existing things and instead of being creative - I went with something that looks like the Fallout's pipboy, which was immediately recognized by people.
And with all that the resemblance with "Fallout" should stop, but then the Radiation, and war... that never changes.
In fact the last part with the radiation and war was coincidental ... the last couple of months I've been reading Isac Azimov's "Foundation"series and everything I did so far, or I'd do will be based on that. No "Fallout", no other games or stuff. So I recommend you to read the "foundation "books /not the weird TV show that airs right now , but the books - they are the real thing/.
While you read this I already finished " I , Robot" tales /those are not a book, but series of short tales within the form of fake interview given by the general director of the U.S. Robotics/.


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