About Me


I’m Dave “Mavis” Rooder,  aka Mavruda. /Not my real name/. I’m a self-taught artist. I’m not a company, I work for nobody but me. 
I’m fairly well educated, speak three languages (one of these is my mother tongue) and my hobbies are: drawing, reading books, watching movies and playing video games.
A while ago I used to go to dance classes with my wife, but that no longer happens due to the money problem. Despite that I’m nearing my 50s, I find the immature jokes very funny – yet,  I’m married and have two kids. I’m looking for the fun in almost every situation – and that’s what I’m intending to upload on this site.

Now to let you know what I do :

I draw comics and illustrations. Sometimes I do crispy 2d animations with Krita. I draw with Clip Studio Paint.

NICHES I am exploiting

Took me a lot of time to choose the niche I am comfortable with. In the end, I choose to draw popular characters from :

1. comics /DC and Marvel/ 
2. games /Established ones, not the browser games or those from independent developers/, 
3. cartoons or anime /depicted in my style/
4. My own original characters and ideas.

I also found that I have my own stories to tell, but since English is not my mother tongue, I prefer to “tell” these stories in the form of comics. Thus people won’t pay much attention to the typos but to the incorrect anatomy of the characters I drew.
The purpose of this page is to advertise my patreon account and all the stuff I do or present. The content here might be of suggestive type, or I could put explicit words /like swearing, and tons of f-bombs/ but I’ll be doing this for the sake of the comedy. I’ll try not to post nudity.